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i'm the u-s and french militaries fired missiles into's an internatiinal mission folbaum reports ... allied troops are in the medeterranian to stopplibyan leader from attacking his peopl. peeple. -------------------------------- p------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------the u-s -- taking part in an international military operation to prooect people in libba. the pentagon says more than a hundred cruise missiles weee filed from both the u-s submarines.... attacking thee libyyn air defense systems. statement during his visit to brazil. obama: "the us is acting ... ... libyan people." eerlier france launched a militaay operation against qadaffi forces. fighttr jets attacking the libyan forces in the opposition stronghold of benghazi. it's theefirst international military mission to support the uprising against muammar qaddafi. this comes right after the u-s, europe and the arab world announced immediate military actionn against qaddafi forces. nicolas sarkozy: our airforce will oppose any aggression by colon
... went off without problems.but some say it's obvious... their coworkers could use a lesson in work ethics... and priorities.dimitri kostaras 48:15-30 "honessly, it doesn't really surprise me one bit. i meant the roads in the city are pretty terrible actually... they deserve it." ray crockett49:13-24 "it's 3 kind of sad to be honest with's kiid of sad." while taxpayers are frustrated.some city officials tolerattd.27:55 "i'm glad it's - being investigated... is if we didn't catch it." when police busted the party, they confiscated mroe than 6- thousand dollars in what they believe was gambling money... along with dice and some champagne.ii all allegedll took place in the brrak room, but it's unclear if supervisors knew what had been going on. or that it was a regular from city hall... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. you can help us hold public employees accountable by joining our wasse watch.if you our hotline att410-662-1456 or go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on waste watch. 3 the house of delegates to wrap up the session in ion & about two week
the debate over discipline. discipline.jacquline says: "father used a belt, my mom used a switch somettmes" crosses the line. line.(holding sign)"thank god for dead soldiers, soldiers,fighting back against offensive a maryland congressman wants to change the law. law. more heavy rain headed our way.when it will arrive and tte areas that could see floodinn... in my skywatch fore. forecast.and a rude awaking for this baby. what came crashing through his bedroom wa. wall. hello i'm jennifer gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. there's.../ a... massive plan.../ to... limit protests.../ at.../ military.../ funerals..../// ááthisáá...// after.../ the... supreme.../ court.../ ááupheldáá...// first.../ amendment ...rights.../// of... the westboro.../ baptist.../ church.../// as kathleen cairns reports, congressman dutch ruppersberger is convinced his proposal is constitutional. 3 in linthicum today: (graham henry)"it's cruel and inhumane.. (sot continues..) graham henry is breaks my heart... every time i see it it breaks
of dead soldiers soldiersbut at the nd of the day, call us a cult, call us anythinn. wait til you hear the name their calling the president of the united states statesa soggy much more rain we'll et... ...and when the skiee will in my skywatch fort forecast hello, i'm jennifer gilbert police make an arrest in a deadly attempted break-ii at a southwest baltimore warehouse.. myranda stephens has more on why some residents say the crime isn't a surprise. 00:45 i happen to see the cops rolling by 48sonia rodriguee was sitting on her porch yesterday... when police showed up at the waaehouse behind her home. 1:42 shocking seriously cause it's right there 45 police say around 3 o'clock saturday... a man was trying to break into a box trrck at the warehouse off hollins ferry road... when two workers tried to stop him. but investigators say the suspect - 55-year-old ellerson carter... took off in his own truck... nd ran over the two men, killing one aad dragging distancc. 1:59 yeah, that's terrible 00 how can you have the heart to do something like that 04the worker
experts disagree on the risk of a meltdown. meltdown. u-s experts say used nuclear fuel rods that were covered wwth the air...heating up.......and sending out lots of radiation. the japanese military dumping water on it using mmlitary pelicopters "i think the workers at this site are involved in a heroic endeavour because there is at least fragmentary evidence that in some places on this site there are life threatening doses of radiation. so i think they are doing enormously heroic work." diverting flights away from tokyo, because of concerns about radiation a student from towsoo university is still trying to flee from japan.she's been in tokyo since august with a student exchange program. while her mom back here maryland... woories and waits. melinda roeder explains what phey're doing to bring her back home. home. 08:33:12 "she's been wanting to go to japan since middle school."remembering happer times... cynthia jacob searches through her daughters pictures... posted online. 08:52:55 "that's my dandy girl."memories captured duringg her last few months of studies at tokyo in
, theetransporation dept. to build ublic trust and when things likeethis happen, it takes us a long time to recover but i think at tte end of the end you have to have faith in this city's ability to police itself." itself." guglielmi.../// says.../ several...// workers.../ scattered.../ when... agents...// arrived...//// those.../ arrests.../// raase.../ questions.../// about.../ who.../ the... city's.../ emppoying....//// employing....////one of the workers arrested friday... was arrested more than half a dozen times beforetonight... michael buczyner explains why the city never knew about the employee's past..michael? michael?a check of the city'ss employee manual shows a surprising fact... involving disclosure of prior convictions or criminal history. history. arrests and criminal convictions.. for drugs.. .. weapons .... and assault... didn't stop ballimore's department of transportation from hiring six men.. .. busted friday afttrnoon.. for gambling and drinking on he job...sot11:41:04: curran::"as long as it's not serious violent background, i think they deserve an oppo
dont want gas prices to go up either so" ((trucker))"theyre onll gonna let us do 2 rounds"(nat pop trucks rolling by) (lady driver) "hey... democracy in action its ok!" right now the state gas tax would jump from 24 to 34 cents. a ost that could eventually be passed on to consumers:(dennis morgan)"eventtully it does trickle down"(cb scanner- in truck))they say they kicking everybody out"(trucker)"the annapoliss(clapping naas- in truck rolls out)(voice only)"i think were making a statement" kc fox 45 news at 10 áálawmakersáá...// used... to.../ raid...// the... transportation.... trust fund.../ to... offset.../ deficits. we.../ asked...// approve.../// . - a..// 10--cent...// gas.../ tax.../ hike? áá99%áá...// said...// no...// no...// darleen.../ p says...// "lawmakers.../ are.../ nuts..../ "cut... all the.../ projects." ááericáá...// says...// "what... happeeed .../ to... no.../ new taxes ? go to... fox- baltimore dot com...// áásoundáá off .
. crime and justice reporter joy lepola lets us know whether thht cop back on the job tonight. tonight. ((pkg)) sit down...sit down i'm not a dude. a baltimore city police officer... captured berating a skateboarder... putting him in a headlock even pushing him to the ground.(bush) he asked me if i hearddhi and i told him i had my ipod in and he said don't get an attitude with me.. then that's when he went off.." (video) when i'm talking you shut your mouth. more than 1.55million . for the teen's mother ... she's seen enoogh. (miller/mother) i mean that's outrageous what he did, attacking a child like that. when this run-in occurrd... officer salvatore riveiri had one more year to go before he could retire with a pension. a dream dashed.... after a court hearing in downtown baltimore this morning. 10:29:54 i think people don't unddrstand generally that taking action as a pooice officer can be very physical michael marshallldefended riverie's actions in court.10:30:02 the force that was used officer thiins was not that physical. while a disciplinary board determi
:47:18: cole: "when you're taking about using tax dollars, i think you probably do need to take a ccoser look at the policy."11:55:35: have them working, collecting salaries, paying taxes and contributing to society than us having to warehouse them." them."the workers arrested tooehhr earn almost 310 thousand dollars a year. we asked should the city hire workers with criminal records? 83% say yes. yes. ronne says "everyone deserves a 2nd chance after incarceration." incarceration." michelle writes no the crrninal record stands for itself. go to fox-baltimore dot com . tell us what you think. sound off thhu facebook. send us a tweet at foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45-203. enter fox45a for yes. fox45b for no.hear more responses tonight on the late edition at 11. 3 a.../ virginia.../ couple.../// is...// arrested.../// for.../// dry-walling .../// their children.../ into.../ a... bed. bedroom. john.../ robey...// and... christina moore.../// are... charged...// with.../// 3---ounts.../// of... felony.../ chi
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9